Chances for Children’s mission is to provide clinical group and dyadic services for families with young children to strengthen understanding, enhance sensitivity and nurture relationships.



Who we are

Chances for Children helps build strong, nurturing, caregiver-child relationships that protect and heal young children from the devastating impact of trauma and chronic toxic stress.

Many adverse circumstances, such as violence, isolation, and poverty, can interfere with the creation of positive relationships between parents and children. Positive relationships between parents and children are a robust predictor of child well-being and future resilience. Research reveals that appropriate support services can help struggling families create these positive relationships with their young children. Chances for Children has created an evidence-based model to transform that research into an intervention that enables and strengthens the relationship and bond between caregivers and young children.



Our approach

We support the expansion of the caregiver’s capacity to understand the young child’s uniqueness, experiences and needs by using a developmental, relational and historical perspective to reflect together on what the child brings to the relationship with the caregiver. We help to nurture, widen and reflect on the world of parent-child relationships during the critical early years of a child’s development.



Strengthen relationships between caregivers and their young children.



Expand the caregivers’ reflective capacity, increasing their parental sensitivity and their understanding of the unique social-emotional and developmental needs of the young child.



Repair the impact that trauma and separation have on the developing child.



Our story

The Chances for Children intervention was first developed by Elizabeth Buckner and Hillary Mayers in 2000, when they piloted a program to serve teen parents and their babies. (The results were published in the Infant Mental Health Journal, 2008, vol. 29(4).)

After eight years of expansion and evaluation, both internal and external, that evidenced positive outcomes in over 300 families, CFC expanded its intervention into the larger community of parents through partnerships with a mental health clinic and community centers where it continued to show positive outcomes.

From 2000-2015, CFC operated as a project of larger agencies that served as its financial homes. With fifteen years of solid experience and evaluation data, CFC incorporated as an independent non-profit corporation and received 501(c)3 status in June of 2015.

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Board of Directors

Beth Andrews

Elizabeth Buckner
Vice Chairperson

Irina Babushkina

Barbara Green

Sumit Handa

Hillary Mayers

Dr. Jacqueline Shannon

Brant Wong



Martha Alvarez, LCSW

Beatrice Kessler-Goldsmith, LCSW

Ariella Rodriguez, LCSW

Alexa Casciari
Development & Operations Manager

Alexis Yaport
Clinical Intake Coordinator and Program Assistant

Our financial information

Chances for Children – NY, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. 

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