Chances for Children provides clinical group and dyadic services for families with young children to strengthen understanding, enhance sensitivity and nurture relationships.



How it works

The Chances for Children Program is a clinical intervention especially designed to address the unique relational, emotional and developmental needs of young children 0 –5 years of age and their caregivers. A central component of the CFC model is the use of video recording of caregivers and children at play which is a very powerful tool to engage the caregiver in thinking and reflecting about their child’s emotional needs and behavior. The video feedback provides a mirror in which caregivers discover their strengths and challenges as they relate to their children.


Dyadic services

Dyadic services are provided through individualized parent/caregiver–child sessions held for one hour each week for a period of time depending on individual family need and clinical progress.

The goals of dyadic services are:

  • To expand and improve the parent/caregiver’s parenting style

  • To strengthen the child-caregiver bond

  • To offer developmental and reflective parenting guidance

  • To screen for developmental and social emotional challenges

Group services

We offer “Growing Together” baby groups (3 –10 months at enrollment) and toddler groups (15 –26 months at enrollment) where caregivers and their children gather weekly for 1.5 hours with clinicians.

The goals of group sessions are:

  • To create a safe environment for parent/caregiver and their child to play, grow, and learn about each other and about their relationships

  • To strengthen bonds, provide additional coping strategies, and widen the participant’s capacity for developmental insight

  • To develop a sense of belonging and community

Training and supervision

CFC has developed and implemented a training program for social work and psychology interns and therapists at the Chances for Children Institute at Mosaic Mental Health. This allows the CFC therapeutic technique to reach more clinicians, expanding the pool of qualified parent-infant professionals, and providing CFC with the opportunity to hire clinicians directly out of the program who are already familiar with our work and the communities we serve.

CFC also provides training as requested at early childhood centers and daycares on a variety of topics. Topics for training include Infant-Child Play, Early Childhood Development, Themes of Early Childhood –Separation and Loss and Impact of Separation, Reflective Self-Care for Early Childhood Practitioners. Training can be provided for parents and also early childhood center staff and instructors.


Chances for Children offers services at the following locations:


Main Office

Chances for Children NY
1178 Anderson Avenue, SB
Bronx, NY 10452


Kingsbridge Heights Community Center
3101 Kingsbridge Terrace
Bronx, NY 10463


Hunts Point

Hunts Point Alliance for Children
889 Hunts Point Avenue
Bronx, NY 10474

Mott Haven

Paul’s House Early Head Start
Sheltering Arms
500 Bergen Avenue
Bronx, NY 10455



Mosaic Mental Health Association
5676 Riverdale Ave
Bronx, NY 10471

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Chances for Children services are free and available in English and Spanish. There are no insurance requirements. Children must be under 5 years of age.

For referral information, please contact our Clinical Intake Coordinator, Alexis Yaport:

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