Strengthening relationships between young children & their caregivers

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Chances for Children provides clinical group and dyadic services for families with young children to strengthen understanding, enhance sensitivity and nurture relationships.


The Chances for Children intervention has proven to be effective.

89% of parents improved to medium or high quality in interactive parenting, evaluated using the Keys to Interactive Parenting Scale. KIPS measures 12 key facets of parenting that can be used in partnership with families to promote parent-child relationships, promote learning and support confidence.

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Giving children a chance


The Chances for Children intervention strengthens relationships between young children and their caregivers, essential to developing a strong and resilient foundation for lifelong social-emotional well-being. We expand and improve the caregivers' interactive parenting and help them support their children's social-emotional development.

The Science of Infant Mental Health shows that having nurturing, protective relationships during the first three years of life builds

the child’s brain architecture; this is a time of unique possibility but also of vulnerability. When a baby and a caregiver become closely attached and enjoy an attuned, reciprocal and secure relationship, the child can develop important capabilities. CFC has created an evidence-based program to transform that research into a course of clinical intervention that enables and strengthens the relationship and bond between caregivers and their young children.